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"After trying a couple of different SAT tutoring places and being disappointed by the results, a friend suggested I look into University Test Prep for my daughter. I was astonished when my daughter got in the car after the first day of class during summer vacation. She said, "Mom, this is the best class ever!" She was invigorated and ready to engage in the class 100%. This class tackles not only practice tests, but also provides motivation and strategies to apply during testing. I'm proud to say, she increased her SAT score by 250 points and ACT went up 4 points. She has already been accepted to two top schools with Merit scholarship included." Suzette Sorrentino … Mother of Presentation High Student, McKenna Roberson

“I am extremely pleased with the tutors at University Test Prep. My son, Cole, was awarded a scholarship based on his ACT score and was told if it was 1 point higher he would receive an additional $11,700. After 4 hours of tutoring, 2 in English, and 2 in Math he took the ACT for the second time. After the test he gave specific examples of what he had learned from the tutors that he believed would improve his score. We were thrilled to see his Math score go up by 3 points, his English score go up 5 points, and his composite score go up 3 points. We highly recommend the teachers at University Test Prep! ” Elizabeth Trugman- mother of SLV High student

“University Test Prep is a helpful program that gives you the tools and experience to raise your SAT score. When I first started sessions, my scores had stagnated to around 1800. This score jumped by more than 300 points when I got a 2150 on the next SAT I took. The program's teachers are well-qualified and do teach you skills and tricks to outsmart the SAT. It gives you experience on what to expect when taking the actual test, a factor that builds up your confidence and helps take away the scarier aspects of the test.” Erika Hudiono ... Los Gatos High

“The first time I took the SAT Summer Boot Camp, I did not follow the advice of the instructors. As a result, I scored a mere 1970 on the SAT. However, the great thing about University Test Prep is they allow you to repeat for free. Having realized that I should have taken the class more seriously, I began to follow the advice of the teachers. I took the class two more times and after practicing the techniques that the instructors had taught, I was able to score a 2300 on the SAT (an improvement of 330 points)! University Test Prep challenged me to score higher on the SAT, and I am glad they did because I will be attending Harvard in the Fall! Thank you, Mr. Schmidt. My family members will continue to use University Test Prep!” James Dotimas ... St. Francis High

“My University Test Prep seminar helped me increase my score by 240 points, going from a 1980 to a 2220. It challenged me to really focus on the test and helped me set and reach a goal. The teachers are instructive, give great advice, and really work with you to make sure you're getting better. If you do what they say, you really will improve - no question about it. The seminar definitely motivated me and pushed me to work on my SAT. It is the reason I was able to achieve a perfect writing score (800 points). Thank you University Test Prep!” Elizabeth Sowers ... Mitty High

“When I moved here a few years ago, my English was not very proficient and my SAT score was not very promising. After many trials with a test prep organization that produced no results, I was not too hopeful when I started the SAT/ACT Boot Camp. Clearly, I was not aware that I was about to enter a journey that would challenge me, change me, motivate me, inspire me, and help me raise my score from 1850 to 2260 (that's 410 points!). Thank you so much!!!” Hadas Binyamini ... Homestead High

“Mr. Schmidt’s seminar is nothing short of salubrious for your SAT score. If you are sanguine about reaching the zenith of your intelligence gamut, then imbibe the testing techniques and challenge your voracity to achieve your full potential. If you want to understand what this means, then take the course! My score improved 290 points.” Eric Brager ... Scotts Valley High

“The University Test Prep instructors trained me how to increase my SAT score. My already good score soared 260 points to become a great score! This class helped me on my SAT, which will help me get into a choice college, which then will improve my career choices, thus creating a better quality of life. Thank you University Test Prep!” Abe Sher ... Scotts Valley High

“After private SAT tutoring [from another company] produced no results, I took the University Test Prep seminar which was definately helpful in giving me focus and motivation. My SAT score improved 340 points. Thank you so much!” Adam Saso ... Harbor High School

“My first encounter with the SAT resulted in a disappointing 1690. After taking the University Test Prep Seminar, I learned valuable tips and strategies that not only helped me score an 1880, but also helped me in my classes at school. The class was fun, the teachers were articulate and enthusiastic, and my score improved 190 points. I am a satisfied student!” Grace Lancaster … Cypress Charter High (Santa Cruz)

“My daughter Grace had taken the SAT twice. She did okay, but she was disappointed as she was banking on a top university. I found out about University Test Prep’s Summer SAT Boot Camp. To help support her dreams, we enrolled her in the boot camp which she really enjoyed, and her score increased dramatically to boot. Grace was accepted to Berkeley --her dream school! I am grateful for Richard Schmidt’s course that was so instrumental in her success. Next, she became valedictorian of her class at Cypress Charter High School.” Deirdre Lancaster, A Grateful Mom

“Mr. Schmidt's SAT Boot Camp challenged me, helped me discover who I am, and showed me that I was capable of doing what seemed like an impossible task--achieving my dream score on the SAT. I pushed myself to unknown limits, and my score increased from 1560 to 2050. Never in a million years did I think I was capble of improving my score 490 points! I am now prepared for any new obstacle that I may face. So next time a challenge comes my way, I have one thing to say: Bring it on!” Elli Rezaii ... Saratoga High

“The University Test Prep Summer SAT Boot Camp was all-emcompassing: I learned that for some questions practice makes perfect, but I also learned some quick-fix tips. After taking the boot camp, my score improved 290 points. During the actual SAT Test, I could just picture Mr. Schmidt in my head with his helpful information and hints. In fact, I do not know anyone from the class whose score did not improve!” Julia Dilts ... Notre Dame High/Santa Cruz

“The University Test Prep SAT Seminar taught me valuable techniques to improve my critical reading skills and the various practice drills I learned gave me the familiarity and confidence necessary to help me increase my overall score by 300 points.” Erika Frost ... Scotts Valley High

“Thanks to Mr. Schmidt, Ms Herzman and Mr. McWilliams, I was able to raise my SAT 190 points. Their help and dedication made the class entirely worth it. I have now been accepted to University of Redlands as a presidential scholar. Thank you!!!” Vincent Giannotti ... Scotts Valley High

“Mr. Schmidt’s SAT Boot Camp was an excellent way to prepare for the SAT. The dynamic teaching motivated me to take on the long, boring practice tests that are so critical to the achievement of a high score. The techniques and drills taught me how to spot the traps and locate the correct answers. The class enabled me to increase my score 330 points and reach a 2200 on the SAT!” Drew Quinn ... Scotts Valley High

“Mr. Schmidt’s motivational program kept my mind focused on my goal. The unique and innovative techniques I learned were surprisingly effective. Using a technique, I was able to memorize 150 SAT words in only 3 hours. When the test day came, I smiled every time I saw a word I had already engraved into my memory and knew that that question would be easy points. I followed the techniques and did my homework, and in the end, I reached my goal: from 1880 to 2100, an increase of over 200 points! If you also follow the techniques and do the homework, you'll reach your goal too.” Justin Nguyen … Saratoga High

“Mr. Schmidt’s class helped me to improve 140 points on the SAT, and it helped me reach a 31 on the ACT. Largely because of that class I was able to hone my skills and gain acceptance into the United States MIlitary Academy at West Point.” Daniel Strom … Scotts Valley High

“The seminar gave me that much needed edge in the college application process; I owe my acceptance to many of the top engineering schools in the nation to Mr. Schmidt’s program. In total, I raised my ACT score from 28 to 31, increased my SAT by 100 points, and achieved a perfect score (800) on my SAT II Math (higher level).” Scott Parker … Scotts Valley High

“Before I entered Mr. Schmidt’s class, I knew I would have difficulties tackling the Critical Reading section, because I am not a very strong reader. The class taught me that you don't have to be a bookworm to do well on Critical Reading, you just have to know the techniques for identifying the correct answer. Using these techniques, as well as other skills the class taught me, I was able to improve my overall score by 190 points, from 1800 to 1990.” Colin Sheredy … Scotts Valley High

“Mr. Schmidt’s class is an invigorating experience; not only do you meet lots of new people, but your scores are guaranteed to increase so long as you follow his wisdom. Take it from me, a terrible test-taker: I raised my score literally by 530, from a mere 1480 to 2010! The classes are long, but worth every minute, and as my AP biology teacher always says, ‘enjoy the challenge.’” Nima Shahidinia … Santa Teresa High

“The seminar gave me a definite edge, because it provided the tools I needed to tackle the SAT. It taught me how to identify the traps and think my way through the test. As a result, my score improved 230 points.” Cyrus Haghighi … First Team All-League Tackle … San Lorenzo Valley High

“I’m really pleased with my results I gained from your class. My score improved 290 points from 1670 to 1960. The techniques I learned from Math and Writing were very helpful. The Critical Reading techniques were especially valuable because I improved 140 points in that section alone. Most important for me was learning how to think like the test-makers think.” Max Warner … Soquel High

“Mr. Schmidt’s SAT prep class rocks! His helpful and creative strategies helped me raise my CR score 90 points. After taking this class, my overall score improved by 140 points, going from a 1990 to a 2130. “The class really works, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to boost his or her score!” Matt DeMartini … Soquel High

Based on 1600 SAT Score:

“Mr. Schmidt’s seminar motivated me and taught me memory and study skills techniques that helped me not only on the SAT, but also in my everyday school classes. My favorite part of the program was the opportunity to return for extra help free of charge. I completed all of the assigned work and studied for the practice tests. Because I took the SAT class as seriously as my school classes, my SAT score improved 210 points, from 1170 to 1380. That plus my GPA helped me get into Cal.” Michael Rosario ... Bellarmine Prep

“University Test Prep was great. I took the seminar twice and got 1440 on the SAT. I improved by 200 points. Eric Chen ... Los Gatos High

University Test Prep really helped me achieve a worthwhile accomplishment. We worked with real SAT problems and learned techniques and strategies that could be utilized during the test, thus enabling me to surpass my goal. I was ecstatic at receiving my score of 1480!” Roxy Scher ... Scotts Valley High

“My strong suit in school has always been English, but I knew the SAT would throw me some curve balls. Even more daunting to me was the SAT Math. The strategies we studied were so enlightening that the answers appeared to flash before my eyes. The SAT course enabled me to knock most of those curve balls out of the park and score a 1390.” Brian Firenzi ... Scotts Valley High

University Test Prep helped prepare me for the rigors of the standardized program called the SAT, especially in the verbal area. The knowledge that I learned helped my score improve 150 points.” Devin Begley ... Scotts Valley High

“I am writing to let you know that your class has helped to improve my score 130 points: from a 1320 to a 1450. Also, you have helped me reach my goal for math from a 590 to a 650. Finally, my verbal score not only reached my goal, it exceeded it, jumping from a 730 to an 800! I just wanted to say thank you and tell you that your class is worth it!” Kaitlyn Edwards ...Archbishop Mitty

“At first I really didn’t believe I could break 1500, but I was so impressed with the practical drills and techniques, and the encouragement to overcome any obstacles that I surpassed my goal by 40 points. I am very happy to report that the SAT program helped me to achieve a 790 on the verbal and an 800 on the math for a total of 1590 on the SAT!” Gary Chang ... Saratoga High

“Mr Schmidt’s SAT seminar improved my score beyond my highest expectations. The year I was accepted to Cal and earned several, considerably valuable scholarships was also the year that 4,000 other 4.0 students were turned away. What made the difference was my SAT score. I did all of the drills I was instructed to do and adhered to using all of the techniques, and it paid off big time. My score improved an amazing 340 points from 1080 to 1420. I am so very thankful for what I learned and the impact it had on my life.” Sina Nader ...Harbor High... Cal Berkeley

“I saw the SAT as a formidable challenge, but the seminar taught me how to understand and engage the SAT. My Math improved 60 points and my Verbal improved 80 points. It was a delight to see my score soar from 1290 to 1430, which helped me obtain the Regent’s Scholoarship at UCSC.” Kaila Sughrue ... Harbor High

“In taking the SAT class, I found the vocabulary techniques, especially the mnemonics and verbal drills, to be quite helpful. It helped me reach my Verbal goal, and improved my overall score 170 points .” Scott O’Leary ... Scotts Valley High

“If you want to improve your SAT scores, this is the class to take. Mr. Schmidt’s test-taking skills and tricks helped me improve my score 230 points from 1190 to 1420, and especially helped me in the math portion, where I achieved a 780! My improved score ultimately helped me get admitted into such “reach” schools as Stanford and Brown.” Adriana Anavitarte ... Los Gatos High School

“I want to encourage all students who want to increase their SAT score to take Mr. Schmidt’s class ASAP and start learning the vocabulary and math techniques, the strategies, and the unique study methods right away. This program will not only help you think your way through the SAT, but will help you in school as well. I attended the class twice- the 2nd time helped me even more to increase my overall score 280 points from 1030 to 1310.” Iman Novin...Harbor High

“The SAT class by Mr. Schmidt inspired me to apply new study habits and it taught me techniques which greatly helped my SAT score. I found the verbal techniques to be most helpful, especially for the Critical Reading Section. My score improved 280 points, from 1050 to 1330.” Osama Elziq... Saratoga High

“Mr. Schmidt’s class opened my eyes to the deceptive aspects of the SAT, and prepared me mentally not only to increase my score 220 points, but more importantly, it enabled me to earn a tremendous honor by gaining an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis.” B.J. Mahal ... Oak Grove High

“For me, the toughest section on the SAT was the Critical Reading section, but with Mr. Schmidt’s tips, I was able to get all 40 Critical Reading questions right and obtain a score of 1580 on the SAT! I highly recommend this class for all students who wish to improve their SAT score and/or their SAT skills. The teachings will help any student. Thank you Mr. Schmidt. I am not sure if I can ever repay you.” Ankur Luthra ... Saratoga High

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